Welcome! As you can see we’re under construction. I have recently got some time off; a result of a decrease in county funding so I have decided to re-vamp the site. As I may be going back to web and software development after a stint as community outreach manager for the county supervisor, this site will get all the bells and whistles.

Expect some groovy design ideas and more interaction. Additionally, I will be asking you to consider what you know about guitars. I have been a student of music and luthiery for decades and I have a degree in computer science. Thus, I will not just be trying to sell you instruments.

Basically, the main goal of any website is selling product or advocating for or against a position. I will be presenting hypothesis about the guitars then offering the instruments I have built as proof. Importantly, your input and ideas may be needed.

Interestingly, guitar science and medical science are related because every guitar and every person is unique. With A. Davis Guitars, we understood this and did our best to keep quiet and let the guitars and people find their match. However, Art Davis Guitars will be digging deeper and asking questions about how the connection is made. Ultimately, if I can help you find your favorite guitar then that will be a successful outcome.