A1MCA Auditorium Style Acoustic Steel String Guitar with Mi-Si Acoustic Trio and Hard Shell Case


This A1MCA is the A.Davis Guitars archetype; Beautiful, musical and reliable. The top back and sides were all “local sourced.” In other words, Art saw the wood when it was still a tree. The top is from the Western Adirondacks and the back and sides are from a spot near Art’s driveway where he split the stump and resawed it. Some of that wood went to guitars owned by George Kahumoku Jr. and David Crosby.

This A1 is very lightly built and strung with 0.011 – 0.052’s and gives excellent response across the spectrum. A natural clarity and warmth with crisp highs and solid mids and bass give it a sound worthy of any stage or studio. A Mi-Si Acoustic Trio and Tweed hard shell case complete the package.

The A1 reflects the state of the art in steel string acoustic guitars. Innovations on the early classical and parlor guitars such as steel strings, the 14 fret neck joint, and larger more graceful body shapes were seen early in the 20th century.

Modern advancements in adhesives, materials and tools, combined with scientific study and the shared skills of many great builders have brought this type of guitar proudly into the 21st century.

The A1 is the most popular model owned by artists such as Mark Mancina, Pat Simmons, Tommy Johnston, Jeff Pevar, and the gang at Mutato Muzika[Devo].

  • Dimensions:
  • Total length 41.25in / 104.78cm
  • Scale length 25.5in / 64.77cm
  • Body length 19.88in / 50.5cm
  • Body width 15.125in / 38.42cm
  • Tail block 4.25in / 10.8cm
  • Total depth 5.31in / 13.5cm


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