J1 Custom Acoustic Bass Guitar


J1 Custom Acoustic Bass Guitar with Mi-Si Acoustic Trio battery free active pickup and hardshell case


J1 Custom Acoustic Bass Guitar built on my jumbo molds with Sitka Spruce, Cocobolo and Canadian Cypress. Crucially, it is extremely light with great action. These features provide player comfort, ease of play and amazing volume, clarity, sustain and tonal response. This makes accompaniment, soloing or writing music a joy!

How is this done when so few have succeeded?

Firstly, every sound a guitar makes usually starts with the strings. Also, according to Rotosound, bass guitar tension is roughly the same as for acoustic guitars. With this in mind, basses can be made similar to guitars. The plate thicknesses and bracing are very close. A jumbo guitar body needs only subtle changes to work like a bass.

One trick to get better bass response is to use top wood on the back of a guitar. Basically, the softer wood with a lower tap tone will help create lower notes. This is based on previous tests by others and guitars I have built. Importantly, tonewood choices are the first step to making any instrument do what you want.

Interestingly, the 30 inch scale length is a key advantage for sound. Historically, long scale basses have always been considered more capable. Conversely, according to the laws of physics, less string tension contributes to better harmonics. Thus, you can expect a more musical sounding bass that is easier to play.

This J1 Custom Acoustic Bass Guitar is simply beautiful. Rich nitro-cellulose lacquer over an epoxy undercoat makes the wood glow. Also, stealthy clear epoxy pickguards within the finish and polished epoxy on the neck add durability beyond the state of the art. Critically, the carbon fiber truss system makes the neck so the only thing that can move it is music.


  • Total length 48.0in.  110.49cm
  • Scale length 30.0in.  76.2cm
  • Body length 21.25in.  53.98cm
  • Body width 17in. 43.18cm
  • Tail block 4.25in.  10.8cm
  • Total depth 5.41in. 13.74cm


  • Sitka spruce top, Cocobolo sides, Canadian Cypress back all aged 10+ years
  • Honduran Mahogany neck with high modulus carbon truss system
  • Ebony bridge with Rosewood fingerboard and pearl dot fret markers
  • Bone nut and saddle for longevity and accurate intonation
  • High Gloss Nitro-cellulose lacquer over epoxy undercoat improves sound and durability
  • High Gloss marine epoxy finish on neck resists wear and enhances color
  • Mi-Si Acoustic Trio battery-free active pickup for convenience and environment
  • Hardshell case included


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